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Posted by : Ham uza Jan 24, 2014

Allah He will say

Say: “O Allah, O Lord of the Kingdom, You give kingdom to whom You will, and take kingdom away from whom You will; and You bestow honor on whom You will, and bring disgrace to whom You will. In your hand lies the betterment (of everyone). You are surely powerful over everything. (26)

Motive verses
Issuing by Ibn Abi Hatim from Qatadah, he said, "People told us that the Messenger of Allah. Ask God to subdue the Roman empire and Persia to the power of his people, God was lowered, 'Say! O Lord who has kingdom .. . till the end of verses.

In this verse Allah ordered His Prophet to declare that Allah is the Most Holy who has the ultimate power and Wise with His perfect action in setting up , taking care of , and completed all things and who enforce the balance of the common law in this realm . Then the God who gives government to whom he desired among His servants . There are times when God gave it concurrently with the rank of prophethood as the family of Abraham , and there are times when only provide civic administration according to law course is to prepare the tribes and nations . And God also deprive government of the people whom He wills caused them to turn away from the straight path , the path that can maintain rule , because leaving justice , cheating in government . Thus it has been also apply to the Israelites and other nations tyranny and destruction caused their favor .Step that the God who gives power to whom He wills , and shame those whom He wills . The person is the person who is empowered to hear his speech , many helpers mastering the human soul - with authority and knowledge that are useful to humans . and has a breadth of provision and do good to all men .The person who got the humiliation is the lower soul and feeling weak defending the honor again not able to repel the enemy who invaded and did not come together when there is no one kemuliaanpun can be achieved without unity to uphold the truth and against tyranny .If the community has united and run by sunatullah , meaning they have prepared everything to face any eventualities . Many people at least something not guarantee the numbers to realize the power and gather strength . Idolaters of Mecca , Jews and Arabs hypocrites have been deceived by the number of followers compared to the followers of the Prophet , but it does not bring such benefits for them at all . As the word of God :

Meaning :" They said, 'If we had returned to Medina , surely the people who strong expel those weaker than him . In fact it is just the power of God , for His apostles and the believers . But the hypocrites know not . "( Q.S Al Munafiqun : 8 )Historical facts became evident that large numbers alone do not indicate strength . Look at the nations of the east , they amount to much but it can be controlled by the western nations which amounted to less due to widespread ignorance in the east and hostility or discord that occurred among them .In this verse God explains also that every virtue is both prophetic his hand , power or wealth . It shows that God Himself gave it according to his whim . No one but God has the virtue . In virtue of this paragraph only just mentioned actually all that bad and evil also exists under the authority of God . It is understood from the statement of Allah that He has power over all things .In this verse the virtues mentioned only because it adapted to the circumstances . Circumstances that drive the infidels and underestimate propaganda against Prophet Muhammad is his poverty , the weakness of his followers as well as their numbers . So therefore God sent the Prophet to seek refuge in Yang has all the kingdoms . His hands were in power and glory , God warned the Prophet that all the goodness and richness in his hands . So nothing can be precluded him if he gives poverty and his wealth to the Prophet or to those who desired his believers . As described by God in His word :

Meaning :And we want to give gifts to people who are oppressed in the earth ( Egypt ) and want to make them leaders and make them the people who inherit the ( earth )( Q.S Al Qasas : 5 ) 

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Title : Explanation of the Qur'an Surat 'Ali' Imran:26
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