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Posted by : Ham uza Jan 23, 2014

You all certainly know the banana tree? Especially with fruit. 

But maybe we do not get the philosophy of a banana tree. Philosophy that can be used as motivation to live better. Any banana tree that has its own uniqueness. Famous banana tree can not die before it bears fruit, like papaya tree that never giveup before producing fruit.
Here is an example we can take the lessons of life. For the size of the plants just like papaya and banana they were able to survive the ordeal without facing relentless before bearing fruit with a sweet and perfect. So should we as human beings are more noble than others could be more remarkable than the banana tree. And the fact that sometimes we are too easy to give up with the trials and obstacles that we go through to achieve our goals as a noble creature. Yet when we give we one step closer to success.
So, do not ever give up before success. Success successful world and the hereafter. Indeed, to produce sweet fruit and sacrifices required rigidity. The extent to which we sacrifice to produce fruit that is sweet, and it is still a question mark "?" for us as a noble creature. then, let us introspect. if so far we've been doing things that are meaningful and useful to others?
Never give up until success. If a banana tree what else can we. Gretting Motivation

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Title : Philosophy Banana Tree and Papaya Trees
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